What is the Infrared Body Wrap System?

The Body Wrap System is a targeted infrared heat system commonly used for weight control, pain relief, and improved skin conditions including acne, cellulite removal, inch loss and more.

What is a Body wrap session like?

Infrared Bodywrap proprietary latex pads are wrapped on to target problem areas of your body while fully clothed in cotton, fleece jogging suit. The wrapping process takes only 5 minutes.

Is it safe?

Yes, infrared heat is within the same frequency levels as our own body heat and this is in tune with our own energy system. It is therefore safe and compatible for us to use, allowing deep heat penetration that is not possible with other methods of heating. In fact, infrared lights are used in incubators to warm babies.

Health Benefits

Infrared Bodywrap provides pain management benefits and enhanced healing to keep customers coming back for more. Women report excellent results for post pregnancy body shape recovery, fat loss and skin rejuvenation.

Infrared Bodywrap is also highly effective as a source of healing that improves circulation, cardiovascular, and immune systems. More effective than any traditional heat treatment, the InfraRed heat penetration goes twice as deep, getting at toxins and cellulite that are trapped in pockets below the skin.

The InfraRed Body Wrap makes it possible to lose inches rapidly in a safe way. The InfraRed deep heat therapy activates the functions of enzymes and metabolism. You can burn up to 1,200 calories in just one 50-minute session. That is why fat is reduced more rapidly. The secret to the Infrared Bodywrap is its rapid targeted inch loss and skin rejuvenation due to immediate blood and oxygen flow causing detoxification and improved skin condition.

Heat therapy has been used effectively on acute and chronic inflammatory illnesses. Degenerative diseases react well to heat because of the relaxation of the muscles and the analgesic effect of the heat.

InfraRed energy penetrates uniformly into the body, emitting the full bio-spectrum that penetrates the deep layers of the skin. This process stimulates molecular activity to promote the metabolism of skin cells. A good metabolic rate enables the skin tissues to produce new cells and replace old skin or dead skin cells.

InfraRed energy effectively breaks down water molecules that accumulate and store unwanted toxins in our body that block blood circulation and impair cellular functions. Exposure to far InfraRed waves steadily circulates blood, removing blockages in the blood vessels and allowing for proper oxygen distribution to all parts of the body. This action has had success in treating skin disorders such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Other Body Wraps

Although clay, mud and seaweed body wraps try to achieve the same results, there are major differences between how the InfraRed Body Wrap and other body wraps work. Clay bandages are heated in a pot. The problem with this is that once they are removed, they quickly decrease in temperature. Time is then spent wrapping the client, which takes 15 minutes or more. During the wrapping process, the bandages continue to decrease in temperature. So once the client is wrapped, the heat level has gone so low that the system is only effective for the initial 10 to 20 minutes of the one-hour treatment. The heat dissipates and becomes virtually inadequate. (Keep in mind that clay wraps warm the body from the outside in.)

Understand that the argument against other methods of wrapping does not claim that they do not work. The claim is that they are not as effective. Following is another example of how other wraps are not as effective.

A sauna warms the body from the outside in, which makes the body release sweat within minutes. The body's natural function is to keep cool causing the body to merely perspire. Therefore, any temporary reduction in weight is generally from water that has been perspired.

The InfraRed Body Wrap, as opposed to the above methods, uses infrared heat. Through the many years of its use, infrared has come to be known as a treatment with many benefits. It has been used in hospitals, chiropractic centers, and is used by sports therapists.

Inch Loss & Weight Control

The idea behind doing any aerobic activity is to raise the heart rate and increase metabolism, which brings on a cardiovascular training and conditioning effect. It is then that calories are burned, leading to the much-desired result of inch loss. Extensive research has shown that exposure to far infrared heat creates the same impact on the cardiovascular system. The rays that penetrate over 1.5 inches deep into muscular tissues and internal organs increase heart volume and rate. The body then cools itself by producing sweat as the heart pumps blood at a faster rate to boost circulation. This likens with the cardiovascular function necessary to burn calories and shed off weight. Infrared thermal system produces two or three times more sweat. While the water lost can be regained by drinking, the calories cannot. Experts believe that as far infrared energy effectively expels toxins, it eliminates with it the fat that our bodies use to dilute toxins. Body fat becomes soluble at 110 degrees Fahrenheit and is discharged through perspiration.

Pain Relief & Injuries

Far infrared rays penetrate over 1.5 inches deep into muscular tissues and internal organs to increase heart volume and rate, conditioning the cardiovascular system.Infrared waves steadily circulate blood, removing blockages in the blood vessels and allowing for proper oxygen distribution to all parts of the body.Improved blood circulation produced by Infrared Bodywrap helps alleviate pain as well as revitalize tissues. Infrared Bodywrap provides pain management benefits and enhanced healing. This is why Infrared Bodywrap is used for sports injuries, back pain, arthritis and more.

Reported Therapeutic Benefits
*Muscle spasms
*Lower back pain
*Compression fracture
*Muscle tension
*Post-exercise muscle pain
*Shoulder pain & stiffness
*Gastro enteric problems


Infrared Bodywrap includes the following features:

*Targeted Inch Loss
*Helps Clear Cellulite
*Eliminates Harmful Toxins
*Boosts Immune Response
*Improves Skin
*Pain Relief

Infrared Bodywrap has produced outstanding results on the following:
*Pain Relief
*Cramp Relief
*Sciatica Relief
*Inch Loss
*Weight Control
*Shoulder Stiffness
*Blood Circulation

Infrared Bodywrap can assist with the following conditions:
*Menstrual Cramps
*Muscle Spasms
*Passive Cardiovascular Conditioning Effect
*Calorie consumption
*Boosts immune response